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A cute LLVM dragon holding an executable file

This is the page you are on. Here, you'll find a portfolio showcasing, my skills. I created this website to delve into Vue.js and expand my web development skills. I have learned to automate server deployment using Gitlab CI, Kubernetes ArgoCD. 💻 Feel free to explore and discover the breadth of my capabilities!

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Post made on Camagru

Camagru is a social media, where you can post pictures, add random stickers on them, like them, and comment them.
Camagru was built with security in mind. You can create your account there in security! This site was made in Vanilla PHP, JS, SASS and Bootstrap.

image of a chain linkN-Puzzle
N-Puzzle's web portal

N-Puzzle is a group project with Pvanderl. This project focuses on solving the Jeu de Taquin by using a customized variant of the A* algorithm in C++ 20. Along the way, we've mastered the art of crafting efficient code and algorithms. Plus, we've got you covered with a web portal to try it out without any hassle or installations!

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Some of the possible commands in minishell

Minishell is a group project developed in C, that aims to create a simplified version of Bash. Throughout its development, we learned essential UNIX concepts such as pipes, processes, and more. Collaborating with my friend, Davidszkl, we brought this project to life.

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Autoindex page served by Webserv

Webserv is a group project I worked on with Davidszkl. Our objective was to recreate a simplified version of NGINX in C++. That project helped us learn socket programming, the HTTP protocol and to explore the interactions between web browsers and servers.

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Playing a game of Red Tetris

Want to impress your friend with your Tetris skills? Pvanderl and I got you covered with Red Tetris , an online multiplayer Tetris game made with React, Redux and Express. Full-Stack fashion!

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Icon of HTTP DragonsHTTP Dragons Submit and fetch images of dragons representing an HTTP status code PHP
Icon of RainbowfyRainbowfyOutputs the standard input in a rainbow-like color paletteC++20
Icon of Ready Set BooleReady Set Boole Exercises to train my boolean algebra, math skills and learn about sets and space-filling curves C++20
Icon of k69sk69s Bare metal, decentralized kubernetes cluster. Where I self host my websites. Kubernetes, Docker, Bash, Wireguard, Gitlab,ArgoCD